APRIL 01, 2020

Administrative Decision No. 446/2020 of the Federal Chief of Ministers: Unique Certificate for Circulation – Emergency COVID-19. 



Public Law Department Report | Administrative Decision No. 446/2020 of the Federal Chief of Ministers: Unique Certificate for Circulation – Emergency COVID-19. 

Within the state of sanitary emergency currently in force, on April 1, 2020, the Federal Chief of Ministers enacted and published Administrative Decision No. 446/2020, stating that, as of 6th. April of 2020, the valid document for those who are included in any of the exceptions to the “Mandatory Social Isolation” –established through Decree 297/2020– will be the “Unique Certificate for Circulation – Emergency COVID-19”, approved by Resolution No. 48/2020 of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The “Unique Certificate for Circulation” will be valid during the Mandatory Social Isolation.

The following cases are exempt from the duty to obtain and carry the “Unique Certificate for Circulation”:

1. Health, Security Forces, Armed Forces, migratory activity, national meteorological service, firefighters and air traffic control personnel; senior authorities and workers of the national, provincial and municipal governments and of the City of Buenos Aires, organized to ensure essential activities required by the respective authorities; on-duty justice service personnel; foreign diplomatic and consular personnel accredited before the Argentine government; people who must assist disabled people, family members who need assistance, elderly people, children or adolescents; people affected to the attention of school dining or community canteens; staff working in audiovisual, radio and graphic communication services; activities related to agricultural and fishing production and distribution; telecommunications, internet and digital services activities; activities linked to foreign trade that cannot be postponed; collection, transport and treatment of solid urban, hazardous and pathogenic waste; maintenance of basic services (water, electricity, gas, communications, etc.) and emergency care; public transportation of passengers, transport of goods, oil, fuels and LPG; postal and package delivery services; ATM services, transport of cash and all of those activities the Central Bank requires to guarantee the operation of the payment system.

In these cases, the aforementioned conditions must be proved according to the formalities stated by the competent authorities.

2. People who must circulate because of force majeure reasons, who must prove such situation with reliable documentation.

The certificates already issued in other formats –different to the “Unique Certificate for Circulation” established in Administrative Decision Nº 446/2020–, will lose effect as of 6th. April of 2020.

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Juan Antonio Stupenengo
Santiago J. Barbarán