We at Beccar Varela aim to promote a genuine change in our community. We create long-term shared values through corporate sustainability policies. We have developed organizational practices aimed at fomenting well-being, strengthening bonds across society and creating a positive economic, social and environmental impact.   

In 2016, we joined the United Nations Global Compact, becoming the first leading legal firm in Argentina to join this initiative. The Pact commits us to work to comply with the ten principles on respect for human rights, the best labor standards, the care of the environment and the fight against corruption.

In 2020 we presented Beccar Varela’s 2019 Sustainability Report, our first reporting exercise on this matter and also the first sustainability report presented by a law firm in Argentina. In 2022 we followed up with our second report “Experience and Innovation for a Sustainable Future”, which describes the firm’s work throughout the 2020-2021 period. These public commitments demonstrate a concrete expression of our values.

Our corporate sustainability strategy is focused on three core dimensions:

(i) legal advice considering ESG criteria, which aims to provide legal solutions that integrate environmental, social, and governance aspects;

(ii) responsible business management, with a core focus on employees, following best corporate governance practices and caring for the environment; and

(iii) community relations, through excellent pro bono advice and by supporting education for the most vulnerable through our Proyecto DAR.

Some highlights follow below.