JUNE 01, 2021

Litigation and Enforcement in Argentina: Overview



A Q&A guide to dispute resolution law in Argentina.

The country-specific Q&A gives a structured overview of the key practical issues concerning dispute resolution in this jurisdiction, including court procedures; fees and funding; interim remedies (including attachment orders); disclosure; expert evidence; appeals; class actions; enforcement; cross-border issues; the use of ADR; and any reform proposals.

Main Dispute Resolution Methods
1. What are the main dispute resolution methods used in your jurisdiction to resolve large commercial disputes?
The main dispute resolution method used in Argentina to resolve large commercial disputes is adversarial court litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as arbitration and mediation, are also used. In some jurisdictions, for example in the federal capital the City of Buenos Aires and in several provinces, a prior mediation procedure is mandatory before filing a judicial claim…

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Litigation and Enforcement in Argentina: Overview
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