JUNE 15, 2020

Advertising: Influencers – CONARP: A guide for communication for commercial purposes.


Data Privacy & Data Protection Department | Advertising: Influencers – CONARP: A guide for communication for commercial purposes

The Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (“CONARP” for its acronym in Spanish) published in June 2020 the guide entitled “Influencers: Guide for communication for commercial purposes”, with the aim of providing guidelines and recommendations for companies that decide to hire influencers on social networks.

Some of the recommendations include the following:

• Ensure that advertising is truthful and avoids any type of deception or exaggeration, and does not contain descriptions or images that contribute to confusing followers, or make them believe that the product does something that is not within its capabilities;

• Verify that the message is not misleading as to the characteristics of the product or service in question, as well as the terms of purchase, discounts, delivery, and warranty conditions;

• Messages may only include authentic testimonials or recommendations, related to the experiences of those providing the statement;

• The use of influencers in demonstrations, promotions, or comparative advertising, in general, is discouraged.

• Messages should not indicate that the product or service has professional and/or institutional endorsement or recommendation without having previously obtained the corresponding authorization;

• In a visible place and next to the name of the Influencer/Trademark, the following sentence must be included: “Content in collaboration with […] (brand)”; the hashtag “#SponsoredContent”, or similar, where it is clear to the consumer that the message is based on a commercial relationship.

Click here to access the full text of the Guide.