JANUARY 26, 2023

Latin Lawyer honors Horacio E. Beccar Varela with the “Law Firm Leader of the Year Award”.



Buenos Aires, January 26th, 2023. The international publication Latin Lawyer today announced that Horacio E. Beccar Varela, managing partner and a member of Beccar Varela’s Executive Committee, is this year’s recipient of the “Law Firm Leader of the Year Award”, which will be presented at the annual Latin Lawyer Awards ceremony on May 11th, 2023, in São Paulo, Brazil.

With the “Law Firm Leader of the Year Award”, Latin Lawyer recognizes managing partners in the region who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and strategic vision, and who have also worked to successfully implement management systems to strengthen their firms, positioning them at the top of their market.

With great emotion, Horacio expressed: “I thank Latin Lawyer for this recognition, the result of intensive work throughout the years, which, although personal, would not have been possible without countless people who helped and supported me throughout my tenure, among which I highlight my family, all the members of the firm, managing partners of firms in the region and the world and also, in particular, many managing partners of Argentine firms. I do not want to fail to also remember the outstanding consultants who have shown me alternative paths in challenging situations. From my point of view, the great merit has been being able to transmit to the values of Beccar Varela, which are our fundamental pillar.”

Horacio has been the managing partner of Beccar Varela law firm since he was first elected in the year 2000. Through over two decades, Horacio’s skills in fostering teamwork, dialogue, transparency, and cohesiveness have contributed to Beccar Varela’s continuous growth. During challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the global crisis of 2008, and the turbulent local socio-economic crisis of 2001 just as he took the helm, he ensured stability and continuity for both clients and staff.

Horacio marked his management style from his first years in office, modernizing the firm in multiple aspects. One of his greatest gifts is empowering those around him to develop and lead new initiatives while also guiding to ensure success. His constant development of talent and smooth and steady leadership during the last decades have contributed to the construction of a solid and sustainable future for Beccar Varela, which celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2022.

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