APRIL 15, 2019

Beccar Varela and Bomchil advise on the reorganization of Bodega del fin del mundo.



Buenos Aires, 15 April 2019. Beccar Varela rendered legal advice to the Viola family, while Bomchil to Grupo Corporación América, on the restructuring of Bodega del Fin del Mundo (BDFM), founded by Julio Viola. They were partners as from the year 2009.

The separation was instrumented through various agreements, including stock purchase agreements, asset transfer agreements, and agreements involving the assignment of assets, debts and guarantees, under which each party will operate different companies and brands. The Viola family will continue to operate Malma Wineries, under the company’s brands, while Free Stores (belonging to CAS Group) will operate BDFM and its related companies with their brands. The transaction closed on March 13, 2019.

Bodega del Fin del Mundo was established in 1999 by Julio Viola, who conceived the creation of a new wine pole in South Argentina. It was the first winery to be built in San Patricio del Chañar, located 55 km. from Neuquén. The winery has a state-of-the-art technology.

Counsel to Viola family

Beccar Varela: partners Agustín Waisman and María Shakespear and senior associate Mercedes Pando.

Counsel to Free Stores (Grupo CAS)

Bomchil: partner Tomás Araya, consultant Florencia Pagani and associate Mariana Viola.

Grupo CAS: Andrés Zenarruza, Candela Lopez and Georgina Marioni.