Ignacio Flores is a partner of Beccar Varela. He joined the firm in 1993.

Throughout his extensive and intensive professional practice in the firm’s litigation area, Ignacio has worked in a wide range of civil and commercial judicial proceedings in all instances (mediation, court, ordinary and extraordinary appeals, national, federal and local), representing both plaintiffs and defendants. He has broad experience in mediation, judicial and arbitral proceedings involving the termination of long term contractual relations (such as distribution, agency and other collaboration agreements between companies), civil and commercial liabilities in general, manufacturer liability, credit card systems, banking liabilities, habeas data, consumer law, issues concerning the devaluation of the argentine currency, having been involved in collective and individual proceedings, environmental liabilities proceedings, preliminary and injunction proceedings and general proceedings in civil and commercial matters.

Ignacio obtained his Law degree from Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (1993) and obtained his Masters in Company Law from Universidad Austral (1997).

He teaches in the Lawyers Practice Program (PEA in Spanish) of FORES (Foro de Estudios sobre la Administración de Justicia) where he coordinates the Procedural Practice area.

He is a member of the Buenos Aires Bar Association, Colegio de Abogados de Buenos Aires and Colegio de Abogados de San Isidro.

Ignacio has been recognized by Benchmark Latin America.

He speaks Spanish, French and English.