07 DE AGOSTO, 2021

Monte Rosa S.A.’s $25 Million Financing



Beccar Varela and Arias advised IFC on the transaction. EDZ Consultore and Goicolea Consulting advised The Pantaleon Group Monte Rosa secured a $25 million financing from IFC Pantaleon Group (Pantaleon) is an agro-industrial organization dedicated to the processing of sugar cane for the production of sugar, molasses, ethanol and electricity generated from bagasse, a by-product of sugar cane milling. Pantaleon is a leader in the Central American region in sugar production and has operations in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico and Brazil. Monte Rosa S.A. (Monte Rosa) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pantaleon (acquired in 1998) and is the second largest domestic sugar producer in Nicaragua…

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Monte Rosa S.A.’s $25 Million Financing
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