JULY 01, 2020

Domestic Trade Secretariat’s Resolutions No. 199/2020 and No. 200/2020.



Consumer Protection Department report | Domestic Trade Secretariat’s Resolutions No. 199/2020 and No. 200/2020

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today Domestic Trade Secretariat’s resolutions No. 199/2020 and 200/2020 were published in the Official Gazette.

1. Domestic Trade Secretariat Resolution No. 199/2020 delegates in the Undersecretariat for the Defense of Consumers (Subsecretaría de la Defensa de los y las Consumidores) the supervision, monitoring, implementation and control of all issues related to compliance with laws No. 20,680 and 24,240, as well as with Resolution No. 100/2020 of the same Domestic Trade Secretariat (including verification proceedings through the Directorate of Inspections).

With regard to Resolution No. 100/2020, Resolution No. 199 empowers the Undersecretariat to establish new maximum prices for certain products in respect to which it has been proven that the changes in their cost structure after March 6, 2020, substantially affect the economic and financial situation of the entities bound by Resolution No. 100.

2. Domestic Trade Secretariat Resolution No. 200/2020 extends the effects of Resolution No. 100 until August 30th, 2020. Resolution No. 100 had established maximum prices for certain products, forced the companies that produce them to increase the production to the maximum of their full capacity, and requested the companies involved in its transportation and distribution to continue with these activities.

Should you require any further information on this matter please do not hesitate to contact us.


Agustín Waisman
Mercedes Pando