AUGUST 23, 2021

Resolution No. 527/2021 of the Secretariat of Public Innovation.



TMT (Telecoms, Media, Technology) Department Report | Resolution No. 527/2021 of the Secretariat of Public Innovation

Dear Sir or Madam,

Resolution No. 527/2021 of the Secretariat of Public Innovation (the “Resolution”), published in the Official Gazette on August 20th, 2021, invites the interested parties to comment on the concepts, methodologies, figures, and procedures to be included in the draft regulations for the management of the radioelectric spectrum. The call comes in the context of the adoption of 5G technology in mobile communications.

In the Resolution annex there is a guide for the contributions around the axes:

1) object, to define the use, administration, management, control, and planning of the radioelectric spectrum;
2) attribution, assignment, and authorization;
3) control and inspection;
4) mechanisms and procedures for the assignment of frequencies by the National State;
5) assignment or transfer of the authorizations granted;
6) secondary market.

Additionally, two groups of questions will be submitted for consideration in order to incorporate technical foundations. The first is about the incorporation of the figure of the Secondary Market in the country; and the second is on sharing frequency bands, assumptions, and modalities for their implementation.

Finally, comments will be requested on radio spectrum engineering, technical requirements, radio spectrum rearrangement, radio frequency allocation table, band migration, electromagnetic emission parameters, resource use planning, international representation before organizations, identification of broadcasting stations, regime applicable to equipment and devices, measurement and interference laboratories.

The Resolution provides that those who wish to comment may access the Consultation Document by entering, at the website or through the ENACOM website The deadline is 30 calendar days from Monday, August 23. You can also comment on the subject at, which will have a special section for that purpose.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us should you require any additional information on this matter.


Emilio Beccar Varela
Florencia Rosati
Mariana Lamarca Vidal
Martín Beccar Varela
Agustina Pardo