SEPTEMBER 06, 2023

Resolution No. 209/2023 – ACUMAR – System of Indicators.


Environmental Law & Climate Change Department Report | Resolution No. 209/2023 – ACUMAR – System of Indicators (05.09.2023)

Resolution No. 209/2023 of ACUMAR, published yesterday in the Official Gazette, approved the “Conceptual Model of the Indicator System” (Annex I), through which the reconsideration of the conceptual approach of the ACUMAR Indicator System was presented, incorporating the ESCER approach, coming from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Organization of American States, and the San Salvador Protocol (American Convention on Human Rights to ensure Economic, Social and Cultural Rights). The incorporation of this approach is related to the need to accurately monitor, and based on human rights indicators, progress in compliance with the judgment in the Mendoza Case.

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