MAY 02, 2022

Climate change: Buenos Aires Province – Provincial Clean Energy Program.


Environmental Law & Climate Change Department Report | Climate change: Buenos Aires Province – Provincial Clean Energy Program

Dear Sir or Madam,

Resolution No. 131/2022 of the Ministry of Environment of the province of Buenos Aires was published in the Official Gazette today. Below, we offer a synthesis of its most relevant aspects.

The resolution approved the “Provincial Clean Energy Program“, whose general objective is to reduce local and provincial greenhouse gas emissions associated with the generation and consumption of energy in the province.

Its legal basis takes into account that being the impacts of climate crises increasingly intense and frequent, they require maximum institutional cooperation to adopt measures of adaptation and mitigation to climate change. In order to solve the indicated problem, and given the need to advance in interdisciplinary and coordinated management measures that allow the implementation of a renewable energy policy, the aforementioned program is created.

Its specific objectives are to promote the daily use of technologies of greater efficiency in energy terms by the citizens and municipalities of the province of Buenos Aires; promote the incorporation of energy efficiency criteria in production processes and provincial energy consumption; support municipal or provincial governments agencies for the generation of energy from renewable sources, promote sustainable mobility strategies, among others.

The promotion of efficiency and the energy transition will be one of the strategic axes of the program through which it seeks to realize its objectives. It will also carry out projects and interventions to the same end. The program contemplates the generation of specific content for the correct promotion of the projects, in addition to training and dissemination instances on the emissions of the energy sector in the province.

Finally, the monitoring of each project to be implemented within the framework of the program will be carried out. For this purpose, the diagnosis of the initial conditions prior to its initiation will be implemented. In addition, the program contemplates continuous monitoring of the activities and tasks to be carried out through performance indicators within the framework of the proposed objectives.

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Manuel Frávega