MARCH 19, 2020

New exemption to the Non-Automatic Import Licensing regime



International Trade and Customs Department report | New exemption to the Non-Automatic Import Licensing regime

We would like to report that on March 18th, 2020, Disposition No. 5/2020 issued by the Undersecretariat of Policy and Trade Management was published at the Official Gazette. This Disposition exempts some products from the mandatory filing of a Non-Automatic Import License (NAIL), aiming at the facilitation of imports of products that are considered essential for the protection of the population in the frame of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

In this sense, the following products are now exempted from the filing of NAILs:

(i) Ethylic alcohol (NCM 2207.10.10 and 2207.10.90);

(ii) Sanitizers – except for domestic use (NCM 3808.94.29);

(iii) Felt and non-woven fabric garments (NCM 6210.10.00);

(iv) Other textiles (NCM 6307.90.10 and 6307.90.90);

(v) Synthetic fibers hats (NCM 6505.00.22);

(vi) Plastic syringes (NCM 9018.31.11 and 9018.31.11);

(vii) Catheters – except made of poly (NCM 9018.39.21 and 9018.39.29);

(viii) Item for an arteriovenous fistula (NCM 9018.39.91);

(ix) Incubators (NCM 9018.90.91);

(x) Equipment for intra-urethral therapy (NCM 9019.90.93); and

(xi) Nebulizers (NCM 9019.20.10).

Please, find a copy of Disposition No. 5/2020 in the following link.



Augusto Vechio