JUNE 22, 2022

Passing of Dr. Emilio N. Vogelius (01.12.1951 – 06.22.2022).



It is with great sadness that Beccar Varela announces the passing of advisory partner Dr. Emilio Nicolás Vogelius, which occurred on June 22nd, 2022, in the city of Buenos Aires.

Emilio obtained his Law degree from Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1976. He started his professional career as a Clerk in a National Commercial Court. He joined Beccar Varela in 1980, where he co-headed the Arbitration and the Healthcare & Life Sciences departments. His practice was focused on litigation and arbitration as well as corporate law and patents & trademarks, mainly applied to the pharmaceutical industry. An outstanding expert in arbitration, Emilio was able to act both as a party counsel and as an arbitrator in complex domestic and international arbitrations. He was an excellent teacher, as well as a remarkable speaker. He participated in multiple conferences and published numerous papers on topics related to his specialization. He was president of CEMA (Business Center for Mediation and Arbitration) and legal advisor to CAEME (Argentine Chamber of Medicinal Specialties).

Emilio stood out for his humility and generosity, as well as for his constant predisposition to share his knowledge with colleagues and students, traits that made him a born leader. Horacio E. Beccar Varela, the firm’s managing partner, remembers him as “a great strategist, impressive in his depth and in his power to detect the relevant aspects of a case, without ever getting distracted by secondary aspects. He was a great support, always putting what was best for the firm before his interests. In more than one situation he provided me with his wise and selfless advice.” Partner Gonzalo García Delatour states that “Emilio leaves us an enormous legacy. Clients adored him and fully trusted his enormous talent and pragmatism to solve problems. He was also highly respected and admired by his colleagues. In my case, he has also been a ‘great teacher’. He always had the right word and was both analytical and a great strategist when it came to dealing with conflicts. Without a doubt, a genuine business lawyer, but above all, a great person.

Emilio enjoyed literature and used to author short stories. He was passionate about history, especially the military, and a great collector of historical objects. He devotedly enjoyed football and he will always be remembered as a fan of “Chaca”. In the words of Ana Andrés, a partner at Beccar Varela, Emilio leaves “a great mark and indelible memories on all of us who had the fortune to work with him. A tireless teacher, he put passion into everything he did, but, above all, was an excellent person. He was always concerned not only with the professional facet but also with the personal aspects of each of us. We will miss him very much.”





Emilio Nicolás Vogelius