MAY 12, 2022

National Directorate for Migration Provision No. 758/2022: new visa type for “Digital Nomads”.


Immigration Law Department Report | National Directorate for Migration Provision No. 758/2022: new visa type for “Digital Nomads”

Provision No. 758/2022 issued by The National Directorate for Migration, published in the Official Gazette on May 11th, 2022, creates a new type of specific visa for “Digital Nomads”. The Provision sets forth the following:

• It authorizes granting a temporary residence for “digital nomads” for ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY (180) days-term.

• It may be granted to those foreigners who do not need a tourist visa to enter the country, and who do so to render services remotely through the use of computing, telecommunications, or similar means, in favor of natural persons or legal entities domiciled abroad.

• To access this type of temporary residence, the following requirements must be met:
i. A written request signed by the applicant, whereby he/she informs on his/her personal information, independent labor activities to be performed, brief CV including his/her experience in the field where he/she will be rendering services, and the education or study level reached.
ii. Valid and effective passport.
iii. 4 x 4 photographic image.
iv. Documentation evidencing the activity being performed (agreement, company consent or labor offer certificate, fee certificates, or payslips) including at least a reference linked to his/her occupation.
v. All the information provided shall be certified and translated into Spanish and it will be considered a sworn statement.
vi. Payment of the corresponding remuneration rate.

• The residence may be extended once and for a similar term as the temporary residence that might have been obtained. To do so, the applicant must confirm, among other requirements, certificates of earned incomes due to the rendering of his/her services during the term of the residence that it is intended to extend and with a stay-term of not less than FIFTY PERCENT (50 %) of the residency term that it is intended to extend within the Argentine Territory.

• The above-mentioned measure will enter into force TEN (10) running days as from its publication in the Official Gazette.

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Alvaro J. Galli
Daniela Panucci