OCTOBER 21, 2020

Beccar Varela presents its first Sustainability Report.



Buenos Aires, 19 October 2020. Beccar Varela presented its first Sustainability Report, detailing its strategy in this area, as well as results achieved to date. It is the first sustainability report presented by a law firm in Argentina and represents another step in the firm’s commitment to a sustainable way of doing business. Various teams of the firm -including the Executive Committee- participated in the preparation of this annual report, taking into consideration the 2019 period and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.

Beccar Varela’s sustainability strategy is focused on three main dimensions: legal advice on triple impact projects, considering economic, social and environmental (ESG) aspects; responsible business management, strengthening corporate governance practices, valuing the organization’s employees, managing its value chain in a responsible manner and promoting environmental citizenship; and through community relations, providing excellent pro bono advice and working towards the goals of its Dar Project on a daily basis. The Sustainability Report provides detailed information on these dimensions as well as on the objectives that the Beccar Varela team has achieved and on those it continues to develop.

Horacio E. Beccar Varela, the firm’s managing partner, maintains that both the pandemic effects and the new normal emphasize the importance of “seeking strategies that lead us to greater and better balance, of generating a true triple impact –social, economic and environmental-, committing ourselves ever more deeply to our program of corporate sustainability. This implies, among other challenges, continuing to support our collaborators and our community, providing our clients with service excellence – accompanying them in the most complex cases while generating positive impact – and at the same time promoting pro bono advice, attending the most vulnerable sectors of society”.

The firm has already achieved very important goals in this field: in 2016 it created its Corporate Sustainability Department and, in the middle of the same year, it joined the United Nations Global Compact, becoming the first leading legal services firm in Argentina to adhere to this initiative.

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