OCTOBER 20, 2021

Beccar Varela participates in the second “Practical and legal guide for social enterprises in Argentina”.



On October 12th, Beccar Varela together with TrustLaw, the Espacio de Negocios Inclusivos de la Escuela de Negocios de la Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (ENI Di Tella), and Keidos Impacto Legal launched and shared for free the second guide dedicated to social entrepreneurs, the “Guía práctica jurídica para emprendimientos sociales en Argentina” (“Practical and legal guide for social enterprises in Argentina”, click here to download it – in Spanish only).

The guide is a key tool for social enterprises and non-profit organizations established in Argentina. In a dynamic, simple, and interactive way, it provides the reader with both legal information and practical recommendations very useful when starting the organizations’ operations or moving towards a new stage of expansion. The guide develops a wide variety of topics, from governance, intellectual property, tax aspects to transparency.

In 2016, Beccar Varela also participated in the first publication of this series, named “Guía legal para emprendimientos sociales en Argentina: ¿qué figura jurídica elegir para crear empresas de impacto social?” (“Legal guide for social enterprises in Argentina: what legal figure to choose to create companies with social impact?”), developed to help social entrepreneurs when choosing a legal structure for their organizations.

Beccar Varela’s contribution to these and other impact investment initiatives is an ongoing element of the firm’s commitment to pro bono work and its corporate sustainability strategy.