JULY 08, 2022

Beccar Varela celebrates its 125th anniversary.



Buenos Aires, 8 July 2022. Beccar Varela, an Argentine leading full-service law firm, turns 125 today. Experience and innovation is the firm’s motto. Since 1897, it advises the most important national and international companies on setting up and developing their business in Argentina.

Beccar Varela offers legal advice on more than 40 practice areas including traditional specialties such as corporate law and litigation, as well as those that were historically addressed by boutique firms, such as corporate criminal law, energy or healthcare, and recently created new areas such as fintech and interdisciplinary advice on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). Developing specialized teams based on new market trends is one of the many ways in which Beccar Varela shapes innovation, providing the necessary resources and creativity to respond to customer needs, a priority in constant transformation. The firm is also a pioneer in sustainability and impact issues, as well as a dedicated leader in pro bono work.

Horacio E. Beccar Varela, the firm’s managing partner, stated that “though the demands of everyday life can often distract, turning 125 years old is a milestone of which we are particularly proud. Throughout our history we knew how to maintain our leadership in the legal services market, distinguishing ourselves by our values, ethics, and way of doing things. This is huge merit of the current partners, of those who preceded us, and of countless professionals, employees, and collaborators who developed their talent in our organization, giving the best of them day by day. I sincerely believe that the constant respect for the talent of the members of the firm has been the recipe to thrive and transcend in a market as competitive and with so many ups and downs as the Argentine legal market.”

Beccar Varela was founded in 1897 by Horacio Beccar Varela in the city of Buenos Aires. At the end of the 1990s, the firm commemorated its first centenary accompanied by exponential growth. Currently, its team consists of more than one hundred and sixty lawyers specializing in different areas of law. It has a talented team of collaborators and professionals of various disciplines, reaching a total number of more than two hundred and fifty members. The firm has three offices: the main office located in Puerto Madero, in the heart of Buenos Aires city; its first branch located in Tigre, province of Buenos Aires, and its first international office, established in 2020 in the free trade zone of Montevideo, Uruguay.

With its 125 years, Beccar Varela is a model of experience and innovation at the service of its clients.