JANUARY 30, 2023

Beccar Varela advises on FEPASA’s first notes issuance.



Buenos Aires, January 30th, 2023. On December 29th, 2022, Frigorífico Entrerriano de Productores Avícolas S.A. (“FEPASA”) issued its first Notes Issuance (Series I Notes) under the PYME CNV Garantizadas regime (SME Guaranteed Regime).

The Notes were issued in two series; Series I Class I, issued for a total nominal value of $185,000,000, with a maturity date on December 29th, 2024, accruing a variable interest rate that will be equivalent to Badlar private rate plus a cut-off margin of 2,90% n.a., and Series I Class II, issued for a total nominal value of US$143,215, with a maturity date on December 29th, 2024, which will not accrue interest. In addition, the Notes principal will be amortized in three payments structured as follows: the first payment at 18 months and the second payment at 21 months, both equivalent to 33% of the nominal value, and the third payment at 24 months, equivalent to 34% of the nominal value. The Notes are guaranteed by Banco Supervielle S.A., Banco Comafi S.A., Acindar Pymes S.G.R., and Fondo de Garantías Entre Ríos S.A.P.E.M. (“FOGAER”).

Series I Notes were admitted for listing on Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos S.A. and authorized for trading at Mercado Abierto Electrónico S.A.

In this issuance, Banco Supervielle S.A. and Banco Comafi S.A. acted as organizers, placement agents, and guarantee entities; Supervielle Agente de Negociación S.A.U and Comafi Bursátil acted as placement agents; and Acindar Pymes S.G.R. and FOGAER acted as guarantee entities. All parties involved in the notes issuance turned to Beccar Varela, whose team was led by Luciana Denegri, assisted by Julián Ojeda and Tomás Cappellini.