MARCH 23, 2020

Official Notice on Operations of Cargo Transportation.



International Trade and Customs Department report | Official Notice on Operations of Cargo Transportation.

Today, an Official Notice issued by the Ministry of Transport was published at the Official Gazette. This Official Notice informs that all means of domestic and international transport of goods (by air, land, sea, river and lake) are allowed to operate within the framework of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) sanitary emergency.

The Official Notice points out that:

(i) Decree No. 274/2020 exempts from the prohibition to enter the country operators conducting international trade operations and ships and aircrafts crew members, among others; and

(ii) Decree No. 297/2020 exempts from the mandatory sanitary quarantine staff members involved in agricultural and fishing production and distribution activities, urgent international trade operations and transport of goods, oil and fuel, among others.

In this sense, domestic and international transport operators and port-related activities operators shall implement the necessary measures to ensure the continuity of those activities, complying with the sanitary measures established.

Find a copy of the Official Notice in the following link.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information on this matter.

Augusto Vechio